HOPE in Honduras

HOPE in Honduras
Health & Opportuniy Potential thru Education

Health and Opportunity Potential thru Education has been the mission of a group of health professionals and educators for our work in Honduras.  We are northern Wisconsinites calling our work HOPE in Honduras.  For more than twenty years we have been working to improve the health of rural Hondurans by bringing experts and supplies from generous donors in our home communities.  We raised funds to build and supply a two-room school in a small village.  By listening to families we have established relationships that help us bring advise and medicine to rural mountain communities.

What we do
Training Midwives in the Mountains
We provide education and supplies to lay midwives in rural communities using the 
This program addresses the recuscitation of infants in the first minute of life.  
Disease Prevention
Malnutrition due to diarrhea is one of the major killers of children in rural Honduras. 
We facilitate prevention of parasitic infections by:
1) Teaching good hand washing 
2) Building latrines 
3) Distributing water filters
4) Providing medicine (shown left)

Building Schools
We worked with LaLibertad town leaders to build a new school so that children wouldn’t have to walk long distances to get to school.  The new building has a two classrooms, a kitchen and latrines for 60 children.  Our group is now looking for new communities that lack basic infrastructure.   
Where we do our work
We base out of Santa Barbara and travel to isolated villages in the mountainous regions of western Honduras.